The technology of Jetrod: In order to solve the problem due to the aged and defective sewerage and drainage system, provide internal lining is no longer be a difficult works. It can reduce the impact to the public and the time and space required for the work. Therefore, it would be the most desirable way for remedial works of defective pipeline.

Trenchless Method for repairing defective pipeline is the most cost-effective and causes the least disturbance to the public, therefore it has been adopted widely by Drainage Services Department for the last 10 years. We adopt CIPP lining – one of trenchless method. The works involve impregnation of resin into a fabricated lining tube, place the lining tube to the defective pipeline through the manhole by inversion method or pulling method, expand the liner to contact with the interior of defective pipeline by air pressure or water, cure the lining tube by hot air or hot water for a period (say a few hour) until the completion of curing.

Normally, we would adopt CIPP lining for remedial work from range 100mm diameter to 800mm diameter instead of open excavation and replacement of defective pipeline.